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children's privacy policy

at wagamama we want to make sure that we protect your privacy and that you trust us. there may be times when you give us information about yourself or we are given information about you and we want to make sure that you know what we do with that information and why we keep hold of it.

this privacy policy explains:
• where we get information about you from
• what we do with that information
• how to tell us if you would rather we got rid of your information
• some other bits and pieces which you might find interesting

we also have a longer and more complicated privacy policy for adults – if you would rather read that you can access it here if you’ve got any questions you should ask you parent or guardian. if they aren’t sure or you’d like some more information from us you can contact us by going to the ‘contact us’ section on our website you can ask us anything.

our website is not intended for children younger than 13.

collection, use and deletion of your data

who is collecting my information and has control of it? wagamama limited (who live at 76 wardour street, london w1f 0ur) is the data controller. that’s a legal term which means that we control the information, or to put it another way, we are responsible for it.

wagamama limited is the company that owns and runs great noodle restaurants.

what sort of information is wagamama collecting?

we collect various types of information about you. we have grouped the information in different sections:
• identity information this includes your name, your website username, your date of birth and your gender.
• contact information this includes your address, your email address, your phone number and your social media accounts details.
• transaction information this includes information about your restaurant bookings and visits to our restaurants.
• technical information this includes your internet protocol (ip) address, your login data, internet browser type and version and information about your network, how it works and where it is.
• profile information this includes your interests, preferences, feedback and survey responses.
• usage information this includes information about what you did when you visited our website – like where you clicked and how long you spent looking.
• marketing and communications information includes your preferences in receiving marketing from us and your communication preferences.

how does wagamama collect my information?

we collect information about you when you give it to us yourself and we collect it automatically when you visit our website.

1. examples of when you give us information:
• when you fill in a form on our website – this is normally your identity information, contact information, transaction information and profile information;
• when you contact us by email, telephone or on social media – this is normally your identity information, contact information and transaction information;
• when you subscribe to our email updates, newsletters and promotions – this is your marketing and communications information;
• when you register to use our app (wagamamago) – this is normally identity information, usage information, contact information, technical information, transaction information, profile information and marketing and communication information;
• when you connect to the wifi at one of our restaurants – this is normally your identity information and usage information; and
• when you tell us about a problem – this is normally your identity information, contact information and transaction information.

2. examples of the sort of information that is automatically collected when you visit our website are:
• your technical information; and
• your usage information.

what do we do with your information?

the main reason that we actually collect your information is so that we can make our restaurants and the way we run our business even better.

we use your information to:
• make sure we can answer your questions and requests;
• give you a service that is special and personal to you (including our loyalty scheme, sending your offers and running competitions);
• tell you when we make changes to our services;
• help you make reservations at our restaurants;
• keep our website safe and secure and to conduct research; and
• make sure we can do everything we need to do to obey the law and our other important responsibilities.

sometimes we combine the information we have about all our customers and we share that with other people. we make everyone’s information anonymous so that the other people won’t know who you are from the information that we share with them. we make sure that it is kept a secret.

if you ever want us to stop using your information, for any reason at all, all you have to do is let us know. you can contact us by going to the ‘contact us’ section on our website or you can email us at

who we share your information with

sometimes we share your information with other people to help us do the things that are described above.

we always obey the law and only share your information in ways that the law allows us to.

sometimes we share your information with:
• the people that work with us and for us and with the other companies that we own;
• public authorities (like the police), but only when we have to;
• other companies that help us do the things we do – like making great noodles;
• other people where you have told us that is ok (like people that send adverts).

sending your information around the world

some of the companies that help us run wagamama are not based in the uk and some aren’t even in europe. if we have to send your information to other countries we make sure that the people we send it to also care about looking after your information and keeping it private.

how long do we keep your information?

normally we only keep your information for three years since the last time you visited our restaurant or website. if we need to we may keep your information for longer than that but only when we have a really good reason to and only when we are allowed to by law.

sometimes we keep copies of information but we make it private to make sure that it’s impossible to work out who the information is about.

again we only keep that information if we have a really good reason to do so and only when we are allowed to so by law.

it is your information so you have rights

your rights

up to now we have talked all about what we do with your information but it is your information so there are lots of things that you can ask us to do with it.

you can:
• ask for a copy of the information that we have about you;
• ask us to change any information that we have about you which is wrong;
• ask us to stop holding your information;
• ask us to delete your information. there are times where we won’t be allowed to do this by law but otherwise we will do so when you ask;
• tell the people in charge of personal information if you think we’ve done something wrong. in the uk they’re called the information commissioner’s office in the uk.

your consent

we need to have a reason that allows us to keep or use your information in the ways we have told you in this policy.

one reason is that you’ve told us you don’t mind, you have given us your consent – sometimes you’ve even specifically asked us to. some other reasons that we use are:
• when you ask us something that means we have to use your information;
• when we have a really good reason to (this is called our ‘legitimate interest’); and
• when we need to so that we can obey the law.

internet use

changes sometimes we have to change our privacy policy.

it will be your job to check if there are any changes when you send us your information or use our website.

if you do send us your information we will think you are happy with the changes we have made.

if we ever change the reason that allows us to keep your information we will let you know as soon as we can and sometimes we will ask if it’s ok with you.


“cookies” are delicious biscuits, but this word is also used for pieces of information that move onto your computer or internet browser from a website when you visit it.

we use these little pieces of information – cookies - to make our website better for you.

we use these cookies on our website:
• ones that we absolutely need (strictly necessary cookies). we need these so that you can use our website. the information they collect is about how the website works;
• ones that tell us how we are doing (performance cookies). these collect secret information about how you use our website. we use that information to make our website even better;
• ones that help our website work (functionality cookies). these cookies remember the choices you make (like what language you want to read the website in). this information can’t be used to look at how you use other websites; and
• ones that help us send you things you might be interested in (targeting or advertising cookies). these cookies collect information about what you do when you’re on the internet so that when you see an advert it is about something you are interested in (like noodles!). they remember the websites you visit and that information is shared with other people like advertisers.

if you think cookies are really interesting or you want to know more about them you should look at or


the internet is not always safe. we care about your safety so we have done all that we can to make sure that your information is kept safely and privately, but please be careful when your sending information and sharing information with other people.

we cannot make sure that everyone looks after your information so if someone else gets your information and it wasn’t our fault we cannot be responsible for that.

other websites

you should read the privacy policies that are on other websites. sometimes our website will suggest you look at another website – if you do so, you should definitely take a look at their policy too.

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