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our new craft beers

introducing kansho + natsu

in the spirit of kaizen, we looked to evolve our range of beers. we love beers that are distinctive in flavour and wanted something unique. so we got in touch with our friends, pioneers of modern craft beer | meantime brewing company, to help us make our own. we knew we’d found the perfect partner in meantime, who share our passion for quality ingredients, amazing flavours and are always pushing the boundaries of what they do

kansho craft beer


kansho meaning ‘zesty’ in japanese has been brewed using fresh lime and ginger. thirst quenching and refreshing, kansho packs a small, gingery punch and tingles the senses

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natsu beer


natsu, meaning ‘summer’ in japanese, is fruity and refreshing. brewed by infusing fresh passion fruit, this beer is sure to be your new favourite this summer

the brewing process

craft brewers take their time in the brewing process. there are nine brewing steps at Meantime Brewery and it takes six weeks to brew a beer that’s full of flavour. ciaran giblin, head brewer at Meantime Brewery, brews with passion and enthusiasm, ensuring only ingredients of the highest quality are used to build depth and fresh ingredients are used to infuse flavour

the perfect combination

steve mangleshot, executive chef at wagamama, worked closely with the head brewer, ciaran, for six months to find the perfect flavours. knowing how important it was that the new beers would complement the wagamama menu, we tested different asian ingredients and made over 15 beers for tasting. these were trialled alongside our famous dishes until we found the perfect flavour combinations kansho, and now also in natsu

natsu meal pairings

natsu is the perfect summer beer for warm evenings with friends. light + refreshing

we recommend enjoying a natsu with

our new tama squid   |   pad thai salad   |   pink guava sorbet

kansho meal pairings

the light, zesty  flavour of the kansho is best enjoyed with our vibrant, citrus infused dishes. perfectly complementing the flavours of asia, this pale ale is sure to bring a refreshing twist to your meal

we recommend an ice cold kansho with

prawn kushiyaki    |    raisukaree curry    |    our new fig and coconut cheesecake

please drink responsibly

for more information please visit drink aware

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