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feed your soul

feed your soul | a new wagamama cookbook

feed your soul is our long-awaited cookbook and your guide to modern nourishment. fresh and simple recipes from the wagamama kitchen. with an emphasis on positive eating, feed your soul encourages a mindful approach to cooking, taking time out to pause and appreciate your food.

available now in restaurants, independent book stores and major retailers.

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wagamama pantry

we sent our exec chef steve on a trip to chinatown to find the ingredients + easy swaps you'll need to cook wagamama at home

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pantry staples

cook the classics

ingredients - tick! now it’s time to get cooking. we’ve given you the recipes for two wagamama favourites to try before you buy

a cracking sauce

our iconic firecracker sauce is used in dishes throughout the wagamama kitchen. it’s so simple to make but packs a real punch. don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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hands chopping chillis

fiery favourites

once you’ve mastered the sauce, it’s time to make some banging dishes. here’s just two of our saucy classics

whip up wagamama at home

sometimes, finding the time to get to the supermarket can be half the challenge of cooking a nutritious meal at home. we’ve partnered with the recipe box heroes, gousto, to create four recipe boxes inspired by dishes in ‘feed your soul’. get everything you need with a Gousto recipe box, from miso to mirin, pre-measured + delivered to your door