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keep it fresh

introducing katsumama

to celebrate national katsu curry day on 28 september, we're giving away katsu curry to the first 50 students through the doors of selected restaurants across the uk! 

watch the video and find your nearest restaurant here

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introducing katsumama

coming to a freshers fayre near you. we are keeping busy this september and will be visiting over 65 different uni's throughout the uk. find out if we're visiting you using the map below. come and say hi for the chance to win some tasty prizes

1. London south bank
2. Kingston university
3. King’s college London
4. Roehampton student’s union
5. City student’s union
6. Student central, London
7. Imperial college union
8. London metropolitan
9. Aberdeen university
10. Edinburgh napier
11. Heriot-watt university, Edinburgh

12. Northumbria student’s union
13. Glasgow university
14. University of Suffolk
15. Strathclyde university
16. York st john student union
17. Arts university, Bournemouth
18. Glasgow Caledonian university
19. Lincoln university
20. University of derby
21. University of west London
22. University of leeds

23. Manchester university
24. University of sussex
25. Brunel university
26. Cardiff met university
27. Chichester student union
28. Gloucestershire student union
29. Manchester metropolitan university
30. Portsmouth university
31. Queen mary university of London
32. Reading university
33. Canterbury Christchurch

34. Bucks student union
35. Bristol uwe
36. Kent union
37. Liverpool guild of students
38. Solent student union
39. Anglia ruskin student union
40. Bristol university
41. Oxford brookes union
42. Plymouth university
43. Salford university
44. Bournemouth university

45. Exeter university
46. Winchester student union
47. Coventry university
48. Cardiff university
49. Bath spa university
50. East Anglia university
51. Leicester students union
52. Nottingham trent
53. Sheffield hallam
54. Bath university
55. Southampton university

56. University of surrey
57. University of York
58. Warwick students union
59. Newcastle university
60. Liverpool jm students union
61. Nottingham university
62. Sheffield students union
63. East London
64. Brighton student’s union
65. Cambridge university
66. Oxford university

stay fresh

at wagamama we believe that the quality of your life is greatly determined by the quality of your food. by the choices you make about what you consume. this is even more true on a hangover


we've put together an important list. a list of the best dishes to get you moving again after a big night. fuel up on the good stuff and make the most of your day

the power of juice...

the most effective way to consume fruit and vegetables is in the form of raw juice. a glass of raw juice is far better for you than the biggest synthetic vitamin pill. the best time to drink juice is in the morning, on an empty stomach, when the juice is absorbed most rapidly into your stomach. power up with the juices below 


  1. positive juice - drink yourself positive with this natural juice filled with refreshing powers
  2. repair juice - when your hangover's won, repair yourself with our greenest juice with kale, apple, lime and pear
  3. power juice - power up and get going with our spinach and apple juice with a secret kick
  4. tropical juice - re-fuel with our most popular juice full of delicious mango, apple and orange
  5. blueberry spice juice - if you like spice then this blueberry, apple and carrot juice with a ginger kick is for you