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wagamama x great run

this year we are partnering with Great Run to proudly support the running series across the UK

wagamama x great run

this year we are partnering with Great Run to proudly support the running series across the UK

Who are Great Run?

Every runner has a story, it’s time to start yours. Great Run wants to inspire you to be your greatest. No matter why you run or how far you go – the one thing that Great Run believe every runner has in common is that moment of triumph when they cross the line. Find your run

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Feeling great. Eating well

we’ve teamed up with Ben Samuels MSc, Performance Nutritionist at Science in Sport, a leading sports nutrition brand. ben has cast his expert eye over our menu to recommend when and what to eat from our menu

wagamama positive juice being drunk with a straw


leading into a race the main goal of nutrition is to get you to the start line in the best shape to run well. That means having a muscle and liver loaded with glycogen to use as energy. Glycogen is the body’s stored form of carbohydrate, so this should be prioritised, alongside moderate protein and minimal fat/fibre

ben's recommendations

the yasai steamed gyoza + kare burosu ramen or teriyaki chicken donburi

yasai gyoza | wagamama

yasai steamed gyoza

nutrition | 5g protein 33g carbohydrate 6g fat 2.5g fibre

kare burosu

kare burosu ramen

nutrition | 22g protein 94g carbohydrate 15g fat 10g fibre

chicken donburi | wagamama

teriyaki chicken donburi

nutrition | 34g protein 135.9g carbohydrate 10.7g fat 4.2g fibre


recovery nutrition starts as soon as you cross the finish line; the post run meal is key. you need the right nutrients to fully recover from the race + nourish your body. after running you need a carbs to replenish glycogen stores, lean protein to rebuild damaged muscles, fruits and vegetables to promote athlete health and fluids to rehydrate the body

ben's recommendations

yasai yaki soba with udon noodles + banana katsu or the chicken ramen

yasai yaki soba | wagamama

yasai yaki soba with udon noodles

nutrition | 21g protein 90g carbohydrate 18g fat 10g fibre

banana katsu | wagamama

banana katsu

nutrition | 3g protein 43g carbohydrate 13g fat 0.7g fibre

chicken ramen | wagamama

chicken ramen

nutrition | 41.3g protein 63.1g carbohydrate 5.7g fat 3.2g fibre