kaizen. the art of simple but continuous improvement

welcome to noodle lab, the embodiment of kaizen. this is our test kitchen, where we constantly trial everything we do from menu, to crockery, to uniform. our chefs live and breathe kaizen and we’ve learnt a lot already

what’s next, you ask? that’s up to you at noodlelab

wagamama x shu han lee

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part iv in the noodle collab series

wagamama x shu han lee

for our latest collaboration we have teamed up with one of london’s most exciting young cooks, shu han lee. originally from singapore, shu began cooking when she moved to the london as a student and realised what she missed most were the flavours of home

shu’s 'shiok' chicken + rice starts with a ginger, garlic and herb spice marinate to infuse our chicken with flavours unique to singaporean and malaysian kitchens. our chicken is then roasted and served on a bed of wagamama coconut and lemongrass dressed rice with lightly pickled slaw and finished with a caramelised lime singaporean slang for ‘hits the right spot’, ‘shiok’ is the perfect way to describe shu’s chicken and rice- a beautifully simple dish that is simply packed with flavour

available for a limited time only

wagamama x michiko koshino

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part iii in the noodle collab series

wagamama x michiko koshino

for our third collaboration we teamed up with iconic fashion designer and innovator, michiko koshino, to create a bespoke uniform specifically for our noodlelab restaurant

inspired by our shared japanese heritage, michiko’s early sketches look to a traditional kimono shape with the final design exhibiting classic element such as a v-neckline and waist tie. her personality is injected through characteristic detailing such as touches of neon orange, reflective fabric and zip features

every component carefully curated, coming together to form a truly unique line

wagamama x gaz oakley

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part ii in the noodle collab series

wagamama x gaz oakley

our second collaboration saw us team up with gaz oakley, also known as avant-garde vegan. gaz is a cardiff native and trailblazing vegan chef known for forward-thinking vegan versions of classic dishes

the centrepiece of the dish, avant gard’n, is a coconut + sriracha vegan ‘egg’ complementing barbeque glazed seitan, asparagus and king oyster mushrooms served on a bed of sticky white rice topped with fresh edamame, carrot, spring onion, sweet amai sauce and fresh lime

avant gard’n was such a success at noodle lab that it can now be found in all wagamama restaurants across the uk and usa

wagamama x cookdaily

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part i in the noodle collab series

wagamama x cookdaily

for our first collaboration as part of the noodle collab series we teamed up with king cook, owner and head chef of vegan hotspot cookdaily. we created an amazing limited-edition dish called cookmama

the dish featured shichimi-coated tofu and crispy coconut ‘bacon’ with wok-friend asparagus, tenderstem broccoli, shitake mushrooms and red onion served on a bed of curried udon noodles.

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‘in noodle lab we have this exciting new space to step out of our comfort zone, trial new flavour combinations and get your immediate feedback’ says our exec head chef steve mangleshot.

while recently traveling korea and japan, steve went on a flavour journey which inspired many of the trial dishes on the noodle lab menu. from the powerful flavours of south korean street food to the refined and delicate details found in japanese fine dining, steve tested it all

‘it was research by way of eating... to be honest i can’t say it was tough work,’ says steve. his trip was only the beginning. together, with our team of development chefs, the noodle lab menu came to life. now, it’s time we take the most important step in our noodle lab journey and put it to trial.
steve head chef at wagamama
steve mangleshot

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