tori kara age

refreshed. teriyaki chicken in crispy panko breadcrumbs. asian slaw. coriander. okonomiyaki sauce. japanese-style mayonnaise

sticky sweet potato

sweet + spicy sweet potato. topped with crispy okra + toasted sesame seeds

bbq corn ‘ribs’

wok fried miso + barbecue glazed corn on the cob sliced topped with toasted sesame seeds

build your buns | tori kara age

teriyaki chicken in crispy panko breadcrumbs. three hirata steamed buns. pickled slaw. sriracha mayonnaise

kinoko donburi

wok-fried teriyaki mushrooms, edamame, red onion + plum tomatoes in a sweet + spicy barbeque sauce. served on brown rice with kimchee + pea shoots. topped with spring onions + sesame seeds

pulled lamb mokutan soba

ponzu dressed lamb, bok choi, mangetout, red + spring onions in a teriyaki sauce. served on charcoal noodles. topped with ginger + fresh mint

matcha bao-nut

fried + sugar-coated bao bun. matcha ice cream. sweet miso glaze. toasted coconut

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