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paying through the app

we reward you every time you pay for food and drink with your app

paying through the app

we reward you every time you pay for food and drink with your app

why do I get a £1 charge when I start/join a table?

this is an authorisation hold. authorisation holds are small amounts of money that are never actually charged to your account. however, you may notice one of these amounts listed on your account as pending

at the start of your meal the app may place a temporary authorisation hold of £1 on your payment method. this will show up as a "pending" charge on your account's payment method. when the meal is paid for, this authorisation hold is converted to the final bill

if you don’t actually end up paying for a meal the pending charge will disappear from your account with in a few days (this varies by bank)

what is qkr! payment?

to pay for your food and drink with your app you’ll need a qkr! account. qkr! is provided by mastercard. you can make your payment using any visa, mastercard or american express payment card. simply follow the process within the wagamama app to set up your qkr! account

I already have a qkr! account, can I use this with the wagamama app?

of course, simply log in with your existing qkr! details when prompted

i need help with my qkr account

no problem, just click here for some extra help

how do I join a table?

a code will be sent to the host, simply enter this code into your app to pay for what you order

can I order through the app?

your server is an essential part of your experience at wagamama and we want to ensure you still have the best possible time with us. to use the app you have to give your server your 4 digit table number to start ordering but then you can order more straight to your table, right from the app

how do I pay my bill in restaurant with the app?

log into the app and choose to host or join a table. order with your server and give them the code at the top of your app screen. you can now pay whenever you’re ready. choose to pay by card, paypal or qkr! 

can I split the bill with friends?

of course, if you’re sharing a table, you can split the bill by sharing your code and selecting the items you want to pay for

can I use the wagamama app to pay but my friends pay with cash or credit cards?

yes. simply pay for the items that you want to pay for. remember to tell any friends that don’t use the app, that they are missing out!

can I get a receipt for my transactions?

yes, all of your receipts are stored in the ‘recent orders’ section of the app

can I still leave a tip?

of course, when paying the bill, you’ll have the option to leave a tip. the default suggestion is 10%, but you can change this depending on how generous you feel

can I store multiple payment methods in the app?

yes, add your cards to the qkr! wallet and choose which you’d like to use when making a payment

which credit cards do you accept?

you can register visa, mastercard or american express payment cards, we even accept paypal on take-out orders