our 50% plant based menu

we believe in the power of small choices for big change

individual actions when made collectively add up to create a positive change in our world

as our climate is warming our choices are becoming more significant

but where do we begin?

filling bellies sits at the heart of our business, so this is where we have started

we know the earth could benefit from us all eating a few more plants

so, we’ve made 50% of our menu plant based, to provide you with the option to go plant-based when you fancy

through soulful substitutes that don’t compromise on taste

we know choosing plant based might not be everyone’s cup of miso

which is why our menu will continue to bring to the bench

all protein options, alongside a selection of new vegan and vegetarian showstoppers

roar of vegamama

eating more plants can help our planet. a simple message, told through an unlikely leading character, 'vegamama' in our new tv advert. devastated at the world she once knew,vegamama, who is a japanese kaiju character meaning 'strange beast', goes on a destructive path only to stumble upon wagamama + our hero vincent. who let's her know there is a solution, it lies in eating more plants