gender pay report

true nourishment. from bowl to soul

wagamama has one mission. to nourish modern society. this mission is considered in everything we do. from our food, to our design, to most importantly, our people. because in order to nourish modern society, wagamama must represent it today’s modern society is diverse. it’s busy, it’s bold and it’s unapologetic. it represents more people from more walks of life than ever before. labels aren’t welcome and stereotypes are being challenged then thrown away. as a society, we still have a long way to go. but positive change is happening day by day and we’re proud to say that wagamama is a part of that our gender pay gap report for 2019 is representative of this positive change. today we employ over 6,800 people, with 111 different nationalities. our gender pay gap is significantly more positive than the national average and continues to remain skewed in favour of our female colleagues having to report on gender is a legal requirement. however, we would like to make note that not everyone identifies as their legal gender status. we whole heartedly embrace and support our non-binary team members and guests. we hope that with continued positive change, there will be better representation for all groups