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check out our frequently asked questions about our food, our restaurants, take-out and delivery and our wagamamago app

our food

we discontinued our sauce + dressings range in supermarkets a few years ago! we don’t have any plans to re-introduce these at the moment but we never say never!

follow our social channels as this will be the place we announce any future launches! 

you can find the nutritional information listed under every dish on our menu. follow our menu link and search our dishes here

we have a non-gluten menu for our guests that require this. just let your server know and your order will be taken by a manager and carefully prepared by our head chef! they will use a cleaned or separate wok, ladle +/ or other utensils to avoid the chance of cross contamination

please remember our dishes are prepared in areas where allergenic ingredients are present so we cannot guarantee that our dishes are 100% free of gluten

please ensure you advise your server once seated so that they can ask a manager to assist

we are able to cater for a wide range of allergies here at wagamama; please ensure you advise your server once seated so that they can ask a manager to assist
we’ve worked with our food suppliers to ensure genetically modified food stuffs are not used in our restaurants. we’re pleased to say all food served in wagamama restaurants is GMO free!
as many of our ingredients are sourced direct from asia, there is always the possibility that MSG may be present due to the nature of how they are produced in this region

our food development team are working on an MSG guide to be included in our dietary section in the future, however it is taking a little longer than we expected. watch this space!
we want to ensure the freshness of all our dishes + therefore they will be delivered to your table as soon as they are ready! this does mean that sometimes dishes may be delivered at different times
our food
soy sauce being poured over a bowl of ramen

our restaurants

traditionally at wagamama, we do not take bookings of groups of 5 or fewer 6 because our seating style allows people to be sat quickly, even during busier times. groups of under 6 people should still be able to come to our restaurants and be sat quickly, or at most a short wait, depending on the time of day

if you have any further queries, please contact your local wagamama + talk to a member of staff who can help you organise a booking!

the style of seating at wagamama is a little different to others; we have communal style bench seating based on the ramen restaurants in japan

we will try and seat customers with spaces between other guests when we can but sometimes during busy periods this is harder to achieve + you may find yourself next to someone or a group

take a look at our individual restaurant pages here + select which wagamama you want to visit

scroll down + you will find the menu section with PDF menus – all our prices are here! 

we continually look at catchment areas and the potential market in various areas

we look at our existing restaurants + any strong comparable towns + would love to be closer to all our wagamama fans!

keep an eye on our social channels for updates on openings across the country!
school visits at wagamama prove to be very successful events for the students and supervisors alike!

get in contact directly with the general manager of your local wagamama + they will be able to discuss arranging this. you can find restaurant contact details here

please be aware there are very limited number of school visits each year for each restaurant
you can purchase e-gift cards on our website which can be redeemed at any of our restaurants in england, scotland and wales. follow this link you can also purchase physical giftcards in any one our restaurants 
each year we select charities to support + this year we are very proud to be supporting mental health charity, mind. as much as we’d love to be able to support every charity request, unfortunately we are unable to help this time. we wish you the best of luck for your fundraising in the future!
all our current vacancies are advertised on our website

please explore the site + if you think you can knock our socks off then we, + our customers need you so ‘why not’ apply today to become a part of our team!
all wagamama restaurants in england, scotland, wales and the u.s are owned by wagamama ltd + are therefore not franchises

for more information, please visit + if you wish to set up a wagamama franchise outside of these countries, please email to get started
our restaurants
line of people at wagamama benches in restaurant eating food

take-out + delivery

you can order take-out straight from our website

or simply give the restaurant a call + order straight over the phone with the team

we offer delivery via deliveroo to bring the wagamama experience straight to our fans!

we have launched this for the majority of our locations, check for more information.

if you are not close to these locations, never fear! we hope to launch this across more of our locations in the coming months so stay tuned!

take-out + delivery
various take-out dishes in plastic packaging on a marble surface

wagamama app

over time, we've seen usership of the app lessen + we've been doing some work to understand why. what we've found is that you guys want something a little different to what wagamamago can offer. so, we're working on something that meets those needs better
your account information will remain valid so that you can still login + place take-out orders at
we appreciate that one benefit the guests who used our app particularly enjoyed was the free juice upgrade. although this will no longer be available, up until the end of the year if you go into any of our restaurants + show the app you’ll still be able to receive this benefit free of charge
we know that being able to pay on your phone is a benefit our app users really value. so, we’re busy working on how we can offer that functionality in a different form. we hope to share some news on this next year
all the information you need about our menu – from nutritional guidance to allergy information – is available at
wagamama app
a hand holding a phone showing the wagamama app open with a donburi bowl and juice to the side