yasai katsu curry recipe

yasai katsu curry recipe

crispy panko veg covered in katsu curry sauce. satifsying your vegan katsu cravings just got easier thanks to our new katsu paste


fresh ingredients

1x sweet potato 1x aubergine 2x heaped tbsp flour water 75ml vegetable oil 120ml coconut milk 250g rice 80g mixed salad leaves

kit ingredients

120g katsu paste


  1. fry the finely chopped onion, garlic, + chilli in vegetable oil until soft. ensure the pan is on a low to medium heat to avoid burning anything
  2. add your spices + cook on a low to medium heat until fragrant
  3. add the flour to the pan + cook it off a bit, it's this roux which will make your sauce deliciously thick + silky
  4. add the stock bit by bit, stirring as you go, followed by your coconut milk. finish with your sugar + soy sauce. Leave to simmer
  5. strain through a sieve to make it super smooth
  6. toss the chopped veg in flour
  7. coat in the batter you have created from the 50g of flour and 150ml water + then toss in panko crumbs
  8. fry evenly on both sides until crisp
  9. to serve, generously heap the rice onto your plate, add the fried vegetables, pop a little dressed salad on the side, + liberally pour the curry sauce on top

yasai katsu curry faqs

what is vegan katsu curry made of?

our yasai katsu curry is made of a tasty combination of sweet potato, aubergine and coconut milk with katsu paste from our meal kit ingredients

what does yasai mean in english?

yasai (野菜) translates literally to “vegetables” in english. in the context of katsu curry, it can also mean veggie or vegetarian

where can i buy wagamama katsu curry paste?

if you are interested in buying our pre-made katsu curry paste, check out our product page here. you can see which retailers hold the paste in stock along with ingredients, allergen + nutritional info