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positive eating for positive living. it’s our guiding principle + has been our purpose since we opened our doors in 1992

now, nearly thirty years on, positive eating for positive living has gained a deeper meaning. just as the climate around us has changed, so has our outlook

our world is demanding action, but where do we begin? we believe small choices create big change + collectively we can make a difference

eating less meat + dairy has been dubbed the most essential + own-able action we can all take, to reduce carbon emissions (poore + nemecek, Science Journal 2018)

which is why we’re committed to making half our menu plant-based by the end of 2021. meaning 50% of the dishes on our menu will be either vegan or vegetarian

we’re now asking you our guests, to join our journey + make your own plant pledge for the planet

whether it’s finding a new go-to vegan side or choosing to eat meat-free for half the week. positive change can start small + begins with all of us

join our plant pledge by telling us below what your plant-based choice for positive change is

in return, you will receive a voucher for a vegan side on us, when you purchase any main in restaurant

terms + conditions apply you have to be 18+ years old to take part

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