katsu curry meal kit

katsu curry meal kit

nothing inspires conversation like a katsu + this katsu kit gives you everything you need to create the iconic classic at home. salad dressing included!

this delicious katsu curry is done the wagamama way, simply cook with your favourite protein and rice to enjoy this guest favourite at home


recreate our iconic chicken katsu curry at home with our katsu curry meal kit

shop wagamama katsu curry meal kit chicken breasts 2 flour 2 tbsp large egg 1 vegetable oil 75ml coconut milk 200ml cooked rice 250g mixed salad leaves 80g


1. cut the chicken breasts in half (like you're cutting a burger bun) 2. cook your rice as per instructions on the packet 3. place whisked egg, flour, + breadcrumbs into separate bowls 4. dip each piece of chicken in the flour, then the egg + finally the breadcrumbs ensuring each piece is coated well 5. in a saucepan add katsu paste + the same amount of coconut milk + bring to a simmer. add more or less to suit your taste 6. add oil to a pan + shallow fry your breaded chicken until a lovely golden colour 7. once fully cooked, slice + arrange onto your plates 8. pour the katsu sauce all over the dishes 9. add the salad to the side of the plate + pour over the salad dressing 10. + enjoy

tips, tricks + hacks

for a true wagamama-style dish, make sticky rice. press into a small dish + turn out add some japanese pickles for a restaurant style katsu

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